Embedded Software Development

We develop the software for digital multi-funtion machine for local and foreign market. Besides, bases on the knowledge of funtion and operation of digital multi funtion machine we can develop the smartphone applications which can control these machines. By developing the applications conects devide to devide, we also are able to provide totally support for other development systems.

Application Software

We have developed the software applications based on Windows, Linux operating system with main programming languages such as C++, C#… We also are able to make a project by the way as developing project from received specification from Japan customers.

Smartphone Apps Development

We have developed the software applications for IOS/Android smart phone. Moreover, we also make ourselves applications and regularly release new versions.

Web Development

We do project from planning, design, coding and running the websites
Our professional skilled engineers can meet all kind of demand from customers.

Offshore Development

There are two kinds of contract for offshore service as Labo contract and all-in contract.
Labo contract is a fixed term contract and by this contract we will provide to the customer a development team. In order to receive customer’s direct requirements a professional development team in abroad will be set up. The member of Labo contract are BSE, PG, Tester, and Communicator…
All-in contract will make the team bases on project. Depend on real development, this team will be set up with a human resource that has necessary technology so it can be sure that this is the most suitable team.


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