2016 Sam Son FLC vacation


To continue the annual summer holiday activity of MAV,

to make the chance for everyone can enjoy and relax after long hard working days, this year the company chose Sam Son Beach as the destination.
Sam Som is a a resort beach located in Thanh Hoa province, is about 170km far from Hanoi southern side. This landscape has a lot of precious seafood and especially it has Truong Le Mountain with beauty spots such as “Trong Mai” is rock name formed with two huge boulders on a flat rock, Doc Cuoc pagoda and Co Tien pagoda. Sam Son beach has a long and beautiful beach reaching more than 16km in length. The very flat and gentle sandbank, combined with the clean and blue water makes the scenery of Sam Son beach magnificent and attractive. This sea also provides a variety of seafood as fish, crab, shrimp… to the north of Vietnam.
This holiday not only brings to every one the chance to enjoy a fantasy resort as FLC resort which is on top of Asean but also to eat delicious food and join in interesting teambuilding activities. The teambuilding activities make people closely and can know each other well.
It also is the first time that almost of family members of MAV staffs could join. The children are so nice and cute.
And one more sepial thing is that MAV handsome boss’ birthday is on this vacation time. Everyone has tried to celebrate a forgettable party secretly. He was very happy with staff’s arrangement.
This trip is only held shortly in 3 days but it brought many good memories and it created the strong motivation for everyone to come back work. And all of us are eager to have the next company travelling trip and do hope that the next holiday trip from now on will be more and more wonderful.

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